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Since ancient times, Greeks, Romans, Turks, and Arabs have been deeply associated with the worship of the steam bath (from the hammam of Arabia - thermal complex to purify rites) and they loved to immerse themselves in its warm and enchanting atmosphere...

Its benefits are also evident to modern man, subjected to an overload of stress, physical and mental.

It is a deep purifying effect of the first skin layers, with the elimination of dead cells due to the naturally exfoliating effect of the steam, for a smooth, luminous and compact skin; To stimulate blood circulation, especially if the stopping in the hammam is followed by a cold shower, for a feeling of regenerating toning.

It is also useful to combat water retention - heat in fact transports excess water into the tissue - and relieves pain and contractures by dissolving and relaxing the muscles.

Hammam also helps prevent mild colds and respiratory diseases, thanks to the balmy and soothing effect of steam mixed with essential oils.

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